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Works Computing of Minnesota Improves Efficiency with ChannelOnline.

Overall Benefits of ChannelOnline for Works Computing:

  • Automation eliminates duplicated data entry efforts
  • Easy to work with, dedicated customer support team
  • Ability to integrate macros and support other custom needs
  • Advantage of customized templates
  • Significant reduction in quoting time

Solution Providers and IT VARs, like any other successful business, desire efficiency and productivity in their business processes to minimize waste and increase profit. However, these companies lose countless hours each week in sourcing product, preparing sales orders, and entering data into stand-alone accounting software. Works Computing, an enterprise solution provider based in Minnesota, used to be one such company.Works Computing, established in 1994, has a long history of helping businesses meet their enterprise IT goals through personalized services, hardware, and software solutions. They enable their clients to achieve business objectives with Data Center Virtualization, Information Assurance, Enterprise Servers and Storage, and Converged Networking.

Works Computing had been using the manual process of creating quotes and entering data into their accounting software. This was causing long periods of time wasted on duplicating data entry activities. In 2013, Works Computing turned to ChannelOnline to assist in automating their time-consuming quoting process.

"It became apparent to upper management that their current way of doing things was a setback to what they could achieve," says Anita Waak, Inside Sales & Customer Service Process Developer for Works Computing. "Every time a quote was processed, work was duplicated and our limited resources were burdened. That's when the need for automation was clear." For their sales automation needs, Works Computing chose ChannelOnline and brought Waak on board to manage the application.

During the onboarding process, Waak found her company's unique requirements were not a precise fit with ChannelOnline's built-in features. Simple solutions such as macros were found to be instrumental in order to accommodate Works Computing's enterprise relationship and pricing agreements with their suppliers. Throughout the process, Waak found ChannelOnline's U.S.-based support team especially helpful. "They are great to work with and very quick to learn what we needed as a business," says Waak. "I was on the phone with them almost daily, researching macros and connectivity in our unique environment. Their response time has always been great, and I feel like they truly care about our business."

Within a couple of months, Works Computing was taking advantage of many of ChannelOnline's features, such as custom templates and ecommerce store. Waak states, "The option for customized templates was a great advantage. We have created over thirty custom templates, which enable us to run our business the way we want." Waak says they are currently looking into utilizing other ChannelOnline options, such as the Company Purchase Approval System (CPAS) and ChannelOnline's procurement system punch-out solution.

"Using ChannelOnline is our first step in automation," says Waak. "We have already seen a significant reduction in quoting time, and in the next couple of months, we plan to research our accounting software to allow for an even higher level of integration and automation. Our projected overall time savings with ChannelOnline is 50 percent, and I strongly believe we will reach that goal in 2014."

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