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Micheal Goodwin, Technology Director

August 2016

Micheal Goodwin is the Technology Director of Server@Work, which provides cloud-based HIPAA and SOX compliant technology solutions to organizations of all sizes throughout Louisiana and Texas. Server@Work originally used basic word processing software to create quotes for their customers. They then moved to a managed quoting solution that did the job, but left them wanting more. The switch to ChannelOnline happened in early 2016.

“We were with a different quoting solution for about a year,” says Goodwin. “We were able to shop from our distributors online which was nice. But the tool hadn’t gone through many updates. It felt dated. We consider ourselves to be forward thinking, and we are always looking for the best cloud-based technologies for our clients. We had to ask ourselves, what is best for our business? Do we want just an adequate quoting tool, or do we want a tool that will be more efficient and cutting edge?”

About the same time Server@Work was considering a new quoting tool, they had been considering an ecommerce option for their customers. Their clients wanted recommendations about computer equipment, and they were pushing out so much sales business outside the company, it was getting hard to manage.

Goodwin states, “We were manually processing orders for customers, and it was very time intensive. We thought it would be easier to create relationships with distributors, negotiate pricing, and let customers save money by ordering through us. But honestly, the idea of ecommerce was originally a pipedream.”

“We set out to find a new quoting tool,” says Goodwin, “and we talked to every ChannelOnline competitor. We weren’t just looking at price. We were looking at features, user-interface, integration with Autotask, and workflow. We originally selected ChannelOnline to replace our former quoting tool, but were really excited to learn about its ecommerce functionality.”

Server@Work needed an easier way to shop distributors and send quotes out for electronic signature, which on approval, could be converted into sales orders. They also wanted something web-based, easy to use, and constantly updating and improving features with release cycles. “We found what we were looking for in ChannelOnline,” says Goodwin. “And there is an ecommerce store, which is customizable and attractive to our customer base. It’s taken only two and half days to transform a cookie-cutter store into something really customized.”

Goodwin goes on to say, “The ChannelOnline Support team is fantastic. I wanted to make ecommerce store changes on the fly. As I ran into some how-to-questions, I’d put in a ticket and move onto the next thing. I didn’t have to pause my development, and they typically got back to me within 20-30 minutes. And it was always the right answer. It makes me more efficient. It makes the development process a lot faster.” Goodwin also likes that ChannelOnline support and development takes into account feature requests to be considered for future releases.

Along with ecommerce store, Server@Work has just signed on to use the built in end-customer purchasing approval system called CPAS. Goodwin says, “Larger customers that have purchase authorization requirements are very excited to have automation to alert purchasing departments for authorization.” They are also looking into utilizing the credit card merchant feature.

Overall, Server@Work is happy with their choice for a quoting tool, which has offered them more than they were expecting. “We’re a small B2B business. Everything that I need to efficiently run my business is in ChannelOnline.”


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